Third Year Representatives

Kristal Puguan



Hey guys! My name is Kristal and I will be one of the third year representatives of CUSS! I am in my third year of COMS with a minor in Entrepreneurship and over the past two years, I became more interested and aware of what CUSS does and what they offer to Carleton students. Therefore, I finally decided to become a member and help contribute to the growth of this society. What is great about CUSS is that it allows students to experience different events, gain knowledge about mentorship, upper-year courses, or even general advice about post-secondary. Some background information about myself is that I enjoy portrait photography, working out, going out for dessert or bubble tea, playing Mario Kart, as well as binge-watching an anime or Netflix series. I am excited for what this year has to offer and I look forward to working with the rest of the CUSS team!


Chelsea Marin

CUSS Headshot - Chelsea Marin (1)

Hey friends! 

My name is Chelsea Marin and I am in my third (and final) year of my General undergrad in Communications and Media Studies with a minor in Sociology. This 2019-2020 academic year, I am the Third Year Representative for CUSS. Although it is my first year being apart of the CUSS Team, I was always intrigued by the emails, social media posts, and events sent out and held by CUSS. Proceeding my application during the call last summer, I was beyond excited to hear that I was selected to be a part of the CUSS Team! I really look forward to meeting some truly amazing people and the opportunity to explore several aspects of the field. On a more personal note, my hobbies and interests include playing hockey, snowboarding, travelling, playing the guitar, and finding the best mac n’ cheese ever! Cheers to the beginning of a wonderful year