Second Year Representatives

Monib Abdulrazaq

monibHi! I’m Monib I am one of your second year reps! It might not look like it in my picture but I’m extremely smiley and friendly so please don’t hesitate to text me on any and all social media! I’m Palestinian but I was born and raised in Qatar, my passion for feminism, fashion, and food is what will make me your next Oprah Winfrey. In my spare time I like to not go to the gym, take care of my mother Beyoncé, the twins and blue or stay home and watch any show written by Shonda Rhimes. I’ll end this little introduction with my favourite quote by the iconic Viola Davis and she says: ” You cannot live to please everyone else. You have to edify, educate and fulfill your own dreams and destiny” Xoxo Love, Monib

Sevan Dumanian 

untitledHey Ravens! My name is Sevan Dumanian and I am one of the Second-Year Representatives for CUSS during the duration of the 2017-18 academic year. I am entering my second year in my communications and media studies degree and the road to my undergrad could not be better. I am a very social and outgoing person who will always attempt to strike an interpersonal connection with all my peers. My interests revolve around hockey, golf, Netflix and the gym. Gym mainly being to compensate for my enormous sweet tooth. If you see me around, I am either coming or going from class, doing work for CUSS or running all communications for Tespa (E-Sports affiliated of Carleton), or keeping the night young in ByWard. Communications sums me up as an individual. This social construct that society is built off strikes not only my interest but my strength. Hopefully, with the future of my undergrad (and possibly Masters), I would like to be placed in media development and digital marketing. The entire concept of persuasion, sales and promotion fascinates me. Feel free to say hi whenever!

Maïa Vautour

18406234_1872707429664504_808757746_o (1)Hello! My name is Maia Vautour and I am a second year representative. I am a student in the Communications and Media Studies program, and I am also studying French and Political Science. In my first year at Carleton, I joined CUSS as a general member. I went to each event all year and I recently became a part of the team. I am super excited to represent my fellow students! In my spare time I enjoy; exploring our beautiful city, going to concerts, walking around downtown and hockey games. I LOVE food and shopping, as well as watching classic movies, 90’s sitcoms and musicals. During my spare time on campus, you’ll find me at Ollie’s or at the Page Break in MacOdrum. If you see me around campus, feel free to approach me or feel free to add/message me on social media! I chose Carleton and CoMS because of their excellent reputation for the Communications and Journalism programs. I also chose to study CoMs at Carleton because it was geared towards my interests. In the future I would love to work in a Public Relations firm. I look forward to meeting you all! I encourage you to come out to the events and join us this year.

Margaret Johnston

20170318_224350Hi everyone! My name is Margaret Johnston, and I’m one of your Second Year Representatives on CUSS this year! I’m in my second year of Communications at Carleton, and I love this program and Carleton more than anything else in the world! I love learning about Public Relations and media management, so hopefully I’ll find a career in that field in my future! I’ve been speaking French since Kindergarten, and I love learning new languages, so I’m double minoring in French and American Sign Language.
When I’m not doing homework, I like listening/singing along to Broadway musicals, re-reading my favourite books, and discovering new Netflix shows to binge. Because I’m from Stratford, Ontario, I don’t really know my way around Ottawa quite yet, so I also really like exploring my new city! My favourite thing is to discover new coffee shops to feed my fancy coffee addiction. I’m so excited to be a part of CUSS this year, we have so many plans to make this the greatest year for the greatest group of students at Carleton! If you ever see me hanging around on campus, come say hi! Let’s make it a year to remember!