Mentorship Program

The Communications Undergraduate Student Society (CUSS) mentorship program encourages professional, academic and personal success by pairing 1st and 2nd-year students with a mentor throughout the academic year at Carleton University. The mentorship program requires mentees and mentors to meet one-on-one and/or at CUSS events to foster and strengthen these goals.

CUSS  fosters a sense of community and provides opportunities to build positive professional and personal relationships within their peers, instructors and prospect employers. Through these social and educational opportunities, mentees will also be able to network with their peers in the program.

Requirement to be a CUSS Mentee

  • Must be enrolled at Carleton University and in first or second year.
  • Can attend/meet up with mentor twice a semester

Requirements to be a CUSS Mentor

  • Must be enrolled at Carleton University and in third or fourth year.
  • Desire to help lower year students through support and encouragement.
  • Has great interpersonal and communication.
  • Can attend/meet up with mentee twice a semester
  • Knowledge of campus resources desired.