2 0 1 7 – 2 0 1 8 T E A M

President – Megan Damini

21057227_10211442648114861_339497261_oHi there! My name is Megan Damini and I am the President of CUSS for the 2017-2018 school year. I am in my fourth year of the Communication and Media Studies program with a minor in Business. I joined the Executive Team in my first year of school, and since then I have been encouraged to network and explore many different areas in my field of study, which has ultimately made me realize that joining was one of the best decisions of my undergrad. Through this, I have gained experience working as a communications relations officer, a digital media assistant, and most recently a Plus Partner Intern at Shopify. In my spare time, you can find me working out, photographing around Ottawa, drinking way too much coffee, or playing with my puppy. I also have a very serious problem when it comes to baking (it’s an addiction really). If you ever see me on campus or want to reach out over social media, don’t be shy. I am super excited for what this year holds- I encourage everyone to come out to the events and get involved. It is going to be great and you do not want to miss out, cheers!

Vice President – Catherine Johnson

CaptureHi everyone! My name is Catherine Johnson and I’m going into my fourth and final year
of Communication and Media Studies. This year, I have the honour to be the CUSS Vice President, alongside my best friend Megan who is President! In my spare time, I love to go on adventures and take photographs, explore new coffee shops and travel. I go to England every year to visit my Grandparents, so England is my favourite place to visit. I chose Carleton and CoMS because of the welcoming campus and strong faculty. The school of Journalism and Communication are very friendly, accommodating and organized. I have learnt so much about Communication over the past three years, and I’m looking forward to my final year and then putting my degree to work. I aspire to be an event-planner. My favourite areas of Communication are advertising and understanding how social media can influence society (if you’re interested in this too, take Professor Knezevic’s consumer culture class in third year).
I look forward to meeting you all!

VP Administration – Paula Sillers

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.51.03 PMHi there! I’m Paula Sillers, and I am taking on the role of VP Administration for the up coming 2017-2018 school year. I am in my third year of Communication and Media Studies and this is my second year on CUSS’s Executive Team. CUSS has allowed me to see what Communication looks like inside and outside of the university, as well as introduce me to incredible job opportunities. Most importantly, CUSS has allowed me to meet and network with so many outgoing students and faculty who all share an interest in COMS. In my spare time, I like to explore downtown Ottawa and skate the canal in the winter. I am hopelessly addicted to online shopping and baking endless amounts of sweets. Please feel free to approach me on campus or contact me via social media. I am confident this year will be full of exciting events, field trips and fundraisers. I can’t wait to see what CUSS has in store for this year!

VP Finance – Mackenzie Lack-Shane

WIN_20170606_23_40_18_ProHello! My name is Mackenzie and I’m the VP Finance for this year. This is my second year in CUSS and first year one the Exec Team. I’ve been blown away by the CUSS community and have been excited to be apart of it. With my position I’m hoping to become more involved and put back into CUSS. I’m in third year communications having switched programs from biology and I’ve been loving Coms ever since. I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know everybody from previous and the coming year!

VP Special Events – Sable Frey

untitled2My name is Sable Frey and I’m the VP Special Events this year! I’m in my third year of communication and media studies with a business minor in arts management. My dream job is to be the marketing director for a creative media outlet. I would love to work for an art gallery, music producer, or museum! I chose to study at Carleton because of the outstanding COMS program, beautiful campus, and endless opportunities available. There are countless ways to get involved at school, and living in Canada’s capital city means something exciting is always happening! In my spare time, I love to listen to music, read, watch movies, cook, play ukulele, and relax with friends. This is my first year as a CUSS executive member, and I can’t wait to make the 2017-2018 school year as amazing as possible!

Winter Gala Director – Jake Robillard

unnamedWhat’s up everyone! My name is Jake Robillard and I am going into my fourth year here at Carleton. I’m majoring in COMS (Honours) and minoring in PSYC. I am also enrolled in the Co-op Program, and I am completing my second term at Global Affairs Canada this summer. This upcoming academic year I have the honour of being your Winter Gala Chair. Though this is only my second year in CUSS an first year on the executive team, I plan on incorporating as many ideas as possible to ensure that this year’s gala exceeds the fantastic gala that took place last year. I pride myself in getting as involved as possible in the school community, and thus I am have also secured myself the role of Co-VP Communications for Carleton’s Chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society. When I’m not at school, I work part-time at the LCBO. In my spare time I like to spend as much time as I can with my friends, netflixing, or blogging about all things current. I love pop culture, so feel free to chat me up about anything going on in the media! My favourite aspects of communications are media relations and public relations. As a future career I plan on pursuing one of these communication streams, hopefully landing myself a broadcasting position. If you need suggestions on courses to take, clubs to join, or even just want to chat about all things pop culture, feel free to message me or reach out to me in person. Best, Jake.

Mentorship Director – Abigail Yeboah

imageHey there! My name is Abigail Yeboah and I am the Mentorship Director of CUSS for the 2017-2018 year. I am in my fourth year of the Communications and Media Studies program with a minor in Law. On my spare time I love to dance and write creative stories!! This is my first year on the Executive team and I am not only so excited for all the upcoming events but excited to meet all of you!!!! I chose to switch my major to Communication and Media Studies because I thought it would help me in my communication and writing skills. I aspire to be an Entrepreneur in the future. My favorite course in this program is Comm,Culture, and Identity and understanding how the media has an effect on individuals identity within society. I am red bull excited to meet all of you!!!!

Social Media Directors – Erin Boyle, Emma Fournier, Gabriella Taekema

Erin Boyle

erinHey there! I’m Erin and I’m super excited to be one of CUSS’ Social Media Directors for the 2017/2018 school year. Being first year representative on CUSS last year opened doors to so many different opportunities. This society gave me the encouragement and support that I needed when making the transition from a small town to a new city and large school. I’m from a tiny town just outside of Hamilton, Ontario and I have loved every minute of my first year at Carleton. CUSS gave me the chance to meet some of my very best friends and people who share the same aspirations as I do. I’m currently very interested in Social Media and how different social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have changed the way of communicating with others in today’s society. I am passionate about social networking and how it conveys a personal brand and image to others by the posts that we make. During my spare time I love playing my guitar and writing music. Music is another passion of mine and you can often find me around campus at open mic nights singing my heart out. After I achieve my degree I plan on moving to Nashville, Tennessee so that I can share my music with others, or possibly, starting a career in a Trendy Toronto PR office. The opportunities with the Communications and Media Studies program at Carleton are endless. I can’t wait to meet more people this year. If you have any questions about coMs or just want to chat, you can hit me up on my many personal social networks or through the CUSS social pages.

Emma Fournier

DSC_0499Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I am super excited to be one of CUSS’s Social Media Directors in the 2017/2018 school year. I am currently an in-between 4th and 5th year student. I switched over to a double major in Communications & Media and Film last year and could not be happier. When I heard about CUSS, I instantly wanted to get involved. Last year I was an mentor for a first year student, the lovely Second-Year Representative Margaret Johnston! This year, I’m excited to work with CUSS and create a fantastic string of events for fellow CoMS students. A little bit about me, I consider myself a great writer (I know, braggy) and run a fashion and lifestyle blog in my free time. I also have directed, produced and created two short films and I cannot wait to have the opportunities to create more works of art (hopefully some CUSS videos too). I want to be a jack of all trades, basically. Through this program I’ve met some of the coolest, down-to-earth people who share similar interests that I have and are always pushing me to reach for my dreams. I hope you all find those kinds of friends here in CoMS. So! Everyone, I cannot wait to meet, hangout or double-tap on your social media and at our events this year. If you want to reach me, shoot CUSS an email or if you want to get involved by writing some blog posts for us (I’M YOUR GIRL) also questions, comments, concerns, I would love to hear it all… or if you just wanna be friends, I am so about that!

Gabriella Taekema

IMG_9660-3Hey friends! My name is Gabriella Taekema and this year I am working as one of CUSS’ Social Media Directors. This is my second year on CUSS and my second year of my undergrad. I can’t wait to show you all the awesome things the social media team has planned for you guys this year! In my spare time I like long walks on the beach, strong coffee and hiking! (Those are all activities I can Instagram, coincidence I think not.) I love Carleton Coms because of the family atmosphere even when we are one of the bigger programs on campus. If you see me and want to reach out feel free! I love meeting new people. I chose carleton because it is the best school (duh). But also because our program is fantastic. Class constantly challenges you to want to dig deeper into your work. My dream job would be working in PR but as of right now I’m really digging social media marketing as an interesting field in communications. I’m so excited to meet all of you!

Graphic Design Director: Sid Boegman

sidHello! My name is Sid Boegman and I’m going into my second year of Communication and Media Studies. I joined the Executive Team of CUSS as a First Year Representative, and this year, I have the pleasure of being the Graphic Design Director! I have had a fantastic time at Carleton and in CoMS already, and I’m looking forward to my next few years in this program! My favourite aspects of Communication include how advertising and images can affect social perception. Currently, I would love to work in the advertising industry. In my spare time, I love to go on runs and the gym. I am also always creating art – you will often see me with drawing on my notes, a sketchbook, my tablet, or with doodles covering my arms. Here’s to a wonderful year!

Fourth Year Representatives – Xenia Hébert, Taylor Mair, Michelle Vuong, Tommy Wall

Xenia Hébert
IMG_20170419_212432_092Hey friends, my name is Xenia! I am in my final year of Communications and Media Studies at Carleton and I have the pleasure of being one of the fourth year representatives on CUSS this upcoming year. I have been a general member on CUSS the past two years which has allowed me to attend an array of events that pushed me to take my involvement further and join the executive team, which I couldn’t be more excited about! I chose Carleton for CoMS because of the diverse selection of courses the program offers, and I chose Ottawa because of it’s ability to feel like both a big city and a small town depending on where you chose to be. When I’m not on campus in Roosters or the library, you are likely to find me looking for new outdoor places to explore in Ottawa, petting strangers dogs, or hanging out with friends. And, if I can leave you with one piece of advice, it is this: when it comes to your university experience, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Joining CUSS was one of the best decisions of my university career and my only wish was that I had done it sooner. Thanks for reading and I cannot wait to see what this year holds for all of us! 🙂
Taylor Mair
IMG_3718Hey! My name is Taylor Mair and I’m psyched to be one of your fourth-year reps for the 2017-2018 school year. This year will sadly be my final year on the CUSS team and I have had so much fun here! In my spare time I love to do anything that has to do with the arts; singing, dancing, you name it! Aside from COMS, music and theatre has always been my passion. I’m also quite the wanderlust and love travelling to new and exciting places. I chose Carleton because of the rave reviews I had heard about their School of Journalism and Communication and I am so glad I did. Throughout the last four years I have been so lucky to be a part of such a welcoming community of professionals and friends. My favourite area of COMS is political communication and political management (which are both third year classes that I highly recommend you take), and I aspire to be a lobbyist. Hope to see you all come out to the amazing events we will be holding this year! Cheers, Taylor!
Aidan Strickland
aidanHello again CUSS members! I am happy to be back for a third year on the CUSS Exec team, this time in a new role for me, a fourth year rep! CUSS has exposed me to so many different sides of communications as well as introduced me to some of my best friends. I encourage everyone to get involved as much as  your schedule permits! A few things to know about me are that: I spent summer 2017 interning for the Government House Leader which has turned me into a political junkie. I also love staying fit by going to the gym, which is convenient for me because I work part-time as a lifeguard and swimming instructor at Movati Athletic. I may be busy but I make sure I have time for all my favourite shows like: Criminal Minds, How To Get Away With Murder and SOOO many more! Come say hi, I am always happy to talk about my binge watching obsessions, but more importantly, CUSS and what we can do for you!
Michelle Vuong
18518437_1502364313148469_1714575389_nI’m going in my 4th year in B.COMS with a minor in business, and my 4th year in CUSS! The growth of this organization is beyond imaginable and I am so honored to be a part of it. I’ve been involved since first year, as the year representative, as well as serving two years as the Vice-President of special events. This year as 4th year rep, I’m excited to sit back, relax and watch our Exec flourish. Being on the CUSS Exec has granted me skills and relationships I’ll never forget as a part of my undergrad. I have made some of my closest friends and most valuable practical skills. From first years to fourth years and now alumni, the CUSS fam is nothing I would trade. The skills I have learned are also unrivaled: social media, public speaking, professional networking…it’s endless. As an aspiring event planner, planning Networking Night 2017 was the highlight of my career, and I can’t wait to pass on the torch and experience. The goal upon graduating would be landing a job related to event planning, marketing or advertising campaigns. When I’m not stressed about and job hunting, you can catch me around Ottawa doing photo and video shoots as a low-key videographer, reading Game of Throne theories (OBESSION CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE IT), chilling at the cottage, skiing, or trying out vegan recipes.
Tommy Wall
14265020_1089217904502455_2290975114278762688_nHi! My name’s Tommy, and I’m proud to represent Carleton’s 4th-year communications students on the CUSS executive team for 2017-18! I’m in my final year of the Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, with a Minor in Environmental Studies, and I’m contemplating grad school at Carleton afterward. This year will be my third year as a member of the executive team in the position of Class Year Representative, and the experience has been positive the entire way. Outside of communication and environment at school, sports is what gets me going, and I love hockey, soccer, and running, as well as being a big NHL and NBA fan. I’m looking forward to hearing from my fellow students throughout the year, and I hope to be able to share updates and upcoming events for CUSS so that everyone has an opportunity to expand their horizons beyond the classroom and into the professional communications scene in Ottawa!


Third Year Representatives – Leaha Kahsay, Michael Kingsley, Anneliese Reid

Leaha Kahsay

leahaHello everyone! My name is Leaha Kahsay, and I am your third year student representative. I am in my third year of communication and media studies. This is my first year on the executive team of CUSS nonetheless I am so excited for the amazing year CUSS has in store for all of us. In my spare time, if I am not binge watching a television show … I am most likely reading, working out, or eating esthetically pleasing food! I chose to study communication and media due to my strong interest in global media and public relations, plus I am a very indecisive person who oohs and ahs at everything, and communication has so many different career paths that I wish to further explore until I find my niche. Definitely feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you just want to chat, don’t be shy! That being said I am ecstatic to be your third year rep and I can not wait for the rest of you to be apart of what our CUSS team has to offer you this year!

Michael Kingsley

15267707_10209884394799841_4412744422876194957_nHi everyone! My name is Michael and I’m approaching my third year of CoMS. I will be one of the third year reps this year. As it is my first year as an executive member, I am excited to be working on this team and create awesome events for fellow CoMS students. I encourage everyone to participate in as many events as possible this year. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends and learn more about the benefits of your degree! Don’t hesitate if you see me around campus, come say hi! I’d be happy to answer any questions you have. See you this year!

Anneliese Reid

IMG_4971Hi friends! My name is Anneliese and I will be one of this year’s third year representatives. It will be my third year apart of CUSS but my first as an exec member! I am a Communication and Media Studies major and I’m also minoring in Women and Gender Studies. I initially chose Communications because the film program was more specialized and wanted something a little more generalized for more potential future opportunities! Within communications, my favourite areas would have to be social media and public relations type work. Social media is a great platform to raise awareness for issues, express yourself creatively as well as reach out to an audience so it’s definitely something I would like to pursue going forward. Aside from at school you can find me at local coffee shops reading or blogging as well as at malls because I have a slight shopping addiction. I’m also a bit of a concert and music festival junkie so from any kind of rock to r&b, I’ll be there. I also LOVE to travel and see new things so if anyone is need of an adventure buddy, I’m your girl! I’m a very approachable person and love meeting new people so please don’t be shy to say hi or ask a question! I can’t wait to see what this next year holds and to meet all of you 🙂

Second Year Representatives – Monib Abdulrazaq, Sevan Dumanian, Margaret Johnston, Maïa Vautour

Monib Abdulrazaq

monibHi! I’m Monib I am one of your second year reps! It might not look like it in my picture but I’m extremely smiley and friendly so please don’t hesitate to text me on any and all social media! I’m Palestinian but I was born and raised in Qatar, my passion for feminism, fashion, and food is what will make me your next Oprah Winfrey. In my spare time I like to not go to the gym, take care of my mother Beyoncé, the twins and blue or stay home and watch any show written by Shonda Rhimes. I’ll end this little introduction with my favourite quote by the iconic Viola Davis and she says: ” You cannot live to please everyone else. You have to edify, educate and fulfill your own dreams and destiny” Xoxo Love, Monib


Sevan Dumanian 

untitledHey Ravens! My name is Sevan Dumanian and I am one of the Second-Year Representatives for CUSS during the duration of the 2017-18 academic year. I am entering my second year in my communications and media studies degree and the road to my undergrad could not be better. I am a very social and outgoing person who will always attempt to strike an interpersonal connection with all my peers. My interests revolve around hockey, golf, Netflix and the gym. Gym mainly being to compensate for my enormous sweet tooth. If you see me around, I am either coming or going from class, doing work for CUSS or running all communications for Tespa (E-Sports affiliated of Carleton), or keeping the night young in ByWard. Communications sums me up as an individual. This social construct that society is built off strikes not only my interest but my strength. Hopefully, with the future of my undergrad (and possibly Masters), I would like to be placed in media development and digital marketing. The entire concept of persuasion, sales and promotion fascinates me. Feel free to say hi whenever!

Maïa Vautour

18406234_1872707429664504_808757746_o (1)Hello! My name is Maia Vautour and I am a second year representative. I am a student in the Communications and Media Studies program, and I am also studying French and Political Science. In my first year at Carleton, I joined CUSS as a general member. I went to each event all year and I recently became a part of the team. I am super excited to represent my fellow students! In my spare time I enjoy; exploring our beautiful city, going to concerts, walking around downtown and hockey games. I LOVE food and shopping, as well as watching classic movies, 90’s sitcoms and musicals. During my spare time on campus, you’ll find me at Ollie’s or at the Page Break in MacOdrum. If you see me around campus, feel free to approach me or feel free to add/message me on social media! I chose Carleton and CoMS because of their excellent reputation for the Communications and Journalism programs. I also chose to study CoMs at Carleton because it was geared towards my interests. In the future I would love to work in a Public Relations firm. I look forward to meeting you all! I encourage you to come out to the events and join us this year.

Margaret Johnston

20170318_224350Hi everyone! My name is Margaret Johnston, and I’m one of your Second Year Representatives on CUSS this year! I’m in my second year of Communications at Carleton, and I love this program and Carleton more than anything else in the world! I love learning about Public Relations and media management, so hopefully I’ll find a career in that field in my future! I’ve been speaking French since Kindergarten, and I love learning new languages, so I’m double minoring in French and American Sign Language.
When I’m not doing homework, I like listening/singing along to Broadway musicals, re-reading my favourite books, and discovering new Netflix shows to binge. Because I’m from Stratford, Ontario, I don’t really know my way around Ottawa quite yet, so I also really like exploring my new city! My favourite thing is to discover new coffee shops to feed my fancy coffee addiction. I’m so excited to be a part of CUSS this year, we have so many plans to make this the greatest year for the greatest group of students at Carleton! If you ever see me hanging around on campus, come say hi! Let’s make it a year to remember!

First Year Representatives: Emily Dibdin, Taia Goguen, Savanna Platt

Emily Dibdin

IMG_6296[241]Hi everyone! My name is Emily Dibdin and I’m extremely excited to be one of the first year student representatives for CUSS this year. This is my first year at Carleton taking Communications and Media Studies and loving it so far. I grew up in the Ottawa Valley and one of my most enjoyed things to do around the city is to go hiking in Gatineau Park, so if anyone wants a hiking buddy you know where to find me! I also love doing outdoorsy things such as, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and simply walking/skating down the canal. But I enjoy some good down time with my good friend Netflix. I am super friendly and outgoing so don’t be afraid to approach me with any questions or just to say hey. I Can’t wait to meet all of you at our awesome events this year!

Taia Goguen 

image1Hello! My name is Taia Goguen and I’m super excited to be one of your first year representatives for the 2017/18 school year. I’m obviously majoring in communications and media studies as well as double minoring in history and sociology. As for a little bit about me i’m a super adventurous person who loves trying new things and exploring new places! In my spare time you can catch me playing with my puppy, hanging out with friends, playing around with my camera or listening to tons of music. I’m also super into the french language and can hold a pretty good conversation if I do say so myself! I am super honoured to be able to be apart of the executive team for CUSS and can’t wait for what this year has in store!

Savanna Platt

22207287_10213241589781681_1097721607_nHello everyone! I am Savanna Platt, and I am one of your first-year student representatives. I am in my first year here at Carleton in the Communications and Media studies program. I was extremely excited to hear about what CUSS had to offer at the academic orientation and wanted nothing more than to be a part of it! I am from Peterborough, Ontario and moved away to Ottawa for the big-city experience. I have an identical twin who goes to Algonquin college so do not be alarmed if you see a clone of me around the city! I enjoy watching Ted-Talks, writing, listening to 70/80’s rock, singing and studying film. I have a thing for adult-colouring books. I also passionately care about animal rights and the environment, finding my peace in nature. I am an old soul and hippie at heart. I am interested in studying all of the forms of media and the effects each one has on society. I particularly am interested in public speaking and television and radio news and hoping to pursue a career in that field one day. I am thrilled to seek the opportunities this program has to offer! It is a true pleasure to be a part of CUSS, and I am looking forward to meet everyone and for what this year has to offer!