Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up for a CUSS membership?
CUSS allows students to sign up for a CUSS membership until the end of the academic year (Winter, 2018). Students can sign up at events or if CUSS execs are holding a sign up tabling on campus. Students are encouraged to follow our social media channels to get the latest information about sign up opportunities.

I want to be a part of the mentorship program but the deadline has passed.
Although the deadline to be a mentee/mentor has passed, we try to accommodate students. If there is a mentee looking for a mentor, we will do our best to match them if a mentor becomes available. Please e-mail our membership coordinator Abigail ( for your interest.

The event that I wanted to go to is sold out!
Within the last year, the members in CUSS has grown exponentially. We try to accommodate as many students as possible and work with the organization to accept as many students as possible. Unless it is stated otherwise, we will be unable to add another event. However, we encourage students to let us know if they wish to attend a sold out event as we can make note for future events and if a student drops out of the event we can add the interested student in their spot.

I would like to share content on your page. How do I begin?
We encourage organizations and businesses to send us an e-mail with details and links about the content they would like shared. If it doesn’t get on our social media channels, we ensure it is posted on our website.

Students respond well to volunteer, job, or any other opportunity they can benefit from. Please keep it related to Communications and student life. We will not advertisement a personal business, political view, or unrelated content. Please give time for the content to be uploaded as we get a lot of requests and schedule our posts for the future. The more time you give, the more social media posts we can make for you.