Blog Guidelines

Co-Curricular Record (CCR) Position: CUSS Blogger

Have you ever wanted to gain blog experience?  Now you can!  The Carleton Communication Undergraduate Student Society is looking for volunteers to write blogs for our website, and we will be granting a CCR credit as a CUSS Blogger to anyone who submits a minimum of one blog per semester. Just email your submission in a Word document to or through our contact page. Please ensure that any animated photos are sent as a separate attachment or the appropriate citation.


  • Blog post is about communication (examples include class review, news story, opinion piece, Humans of Communication, 20 things all communication students know, etc.)
  • 200-1000 words
  • Correct grammar and punctuation

Blogs may be edited and sent back to you for your approval or editing.  Not all submissions will be posted to the CUSS blog, but you will receive CCR credit for all blogs that meet requirements.  You will be named as the author on our CUSS page unless you indicate otherwise.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!