Why You Should Attend COMS: IRL

Next week, CUSS is holding the first ever Communications Professional Development Conference. Along with a LinkedIn workshop, professional headshots, and free food, there will also be a panel of communications professionals from all walks of life. They will be there to talk about their education, their careers, and advice they have for university students looking to break into the professional world. If that’s not enough to convince you, here’s why you shouldn’t miss this fantastic opportunity:

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Professional Development Conferences. What are they?

By: Gabriella Taekema

The answer is that there are different small events in a certain time frame that is centered around a certain profession.  When you go to a professional development conference, you will arrive and register. There may be workshops, panels, keynote speakers or networking. Workshops are there to equip you with new information, best practices, and new skills. Panels have a few professionals talk about their experiences and answer questions. Panels are uniquely beneficial to conference goers because they offer many difference perspectives and insights in one event.  Keynote speakers offer more depth than panels. Networking at a conference is especially useful to grow your list of contacts because there are exponentially more people to network with than a regular event.

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Why Networking is Awesome

By: Catherine Johnson

Having the opportunity to network is valuable asset that many students don’t have the opportunity to part-take in. CUSS Networking provides students to meet professional individuals in specific fields and ask them questions, share ideas and make connections in a laid-back environment. While they’re so many benefits from networking, some people avoid it. I’m going to tell you why it’s awesome.

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Why Instagram is Important in Marketing and Communications

Community Listening

Community listening means that you watch what your target customers  like and don’t like. You get feedback in the form of  comments, likes, reactions and shares. Community listening lets you get in on fads such as rolled ice cream, new nail trends, and viral hair cutting videos. You get to see what viral videos your audience likes and deconstruct what makes them so popular. Continue reading

Joining CUSS

By: Catherine Johnson

As we’re at the half way point of the school year, CUSS elections are not far away. In April, the CUSS executive team will have new faces added to their team and saying goodbye to memorable executives, who have dedicated years to this organization. While it may seem like a long time away, I’d suggest getting involved with CUSS sooner rather than later, as you can make meaningful relationships with new people and make connects with executives beyond the interview. Here are 5 reasons to join the CUSS executive team this year! Continue reading

An Evening with “GirlBoss” Sophia Amoruso

On November 14th , I and a number of women across Ottawa were afforded the opportunity to listen to “GirlBoss” Sophia Amoruso speak at Algonquin College! Sophia Amoruso is an entrepreneur, the founder of Nasty Gal, and best-selling author of #GirlBoss, and most recently founded Girl Boss media. She is the ultimate boss and such an inspiration to myself and an infinite amount of people, which is why this was an exciting moment for women across Ottawa to listen to Sophia speak about what it takes to be a successful woman or better yet a “GirlBoss”.

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