Why you should become a mentee

img_5097Hi first and second-year Coms students! The fall semester can be intimidating and
confusing times for many students, which is why CUSS offers a mentorship program!
This program is designed specifically to help you navigate towards your goals
throughout the school year. If you’re on the fence about joining the mentorship program,
here are four reasons why you should become a mentee:

1. Receive guidance
– Your mentor can provide you with a unique student opinion with knowledge
from their past experiences. Depending on your mentor, they can provide you
with knowledge of courses, professors, co-op, international exchange, CUSS
opportunities/events, etc. This personalized advice allows you to hear a
different perspective and open you up to new ideas. You can use these new
ideas towards forming new paths to working towards your goals. For
example, when I was a mentee, my mentor gave me useful advice on the
courses she had previously taken. I used the advice to determine which
courses I wanted to take!
2. Expand your network
– The great thing about the mentorship relationship is that you also make new
friends! Getting involved in the mentorship program is an awesome way to
meet other people in the program and build a community. Making friends can
be difficult, especially upper-year friends. Your mentor can introduce you to
other students in your program, who can give their own student advice.
Personally, becoming a mentee was how I was introduced to CUSS and most
of my friends in the program.
3. CCR credit
– Build that resume! Aka your co-circular record at Carleton. The next four
years you will be constantly reminded to get involved with clubs, societies or
events. The mentorship program is a perfect way to accomplish that!
Participating in a CUSS program will look great on your CCR for grads school
and impress future employers.
4. Personal growth
– One of the most important components of mentoring is to reflect. As the
school year progresses, your mentor will provide you with feedback.
Constructive criticism is a key element to becoming your best self in order to
reach your goals. Self-improvement leads to enhanced performance
professional, academically, and personally. Throughout my first year, my
mentor pinpointed my lack of organization skills. To help me, she taught me
how she prefers to organize her classes. Fast forward three years later, and I
still use my google calendar every day!

Are you convinced yet?
Sign up for our mentorship program today!! http://bit.ly/CUSSmentorship

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