Relay for Life with CUSS!

By: Maia Vautour

We are one week away from Relay! If you have never been to or heard of the event, or would like to reminisce about the fun event, you’ll want to keep reading!

Relay for Life is a 12 over overnight event with proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society. Participants at Carleton University’s Relay for Life stay in the Fieldhouse and play games and participate in activities with their best friends, while raising money for an important cause that affects several families. Events happen throughout the entire night. Every year, the event helps the Cancer Society become closer to raising enough money to find a cure. In the past, the event has had fun activities such as escape rooms, free massages, a bouncy castle, zumba and salsa lessons, and life sized jenga. One person from every relay team is constantly walking on the track.

In 2017, the Communications Undergraduate Student Society was the top non-greek organization to raise the most money. We are hoping to take that title once again by having a cupcake fundraiser to raise extra money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

When 7am hits, the final total raised from the night and previous fundraising is revealed. There is no feelings that is better than hearing the final total that was raised throughout the event and previous fundraiser, for the Canadian Cancer Society and knowing that you contributed in finding a cure for cancer.

We hope to see you at the CUSS Cakes fundraiser and on our Relay For Life team!


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