Why Networking is Awesome

By: Catherine Johnson

Having the opportunity to network is valuable asset that many students don’t have the opportunity to part-take in. CUSS Networking provides students to meet professional individuals in specific fields and ask them questions, share ideas and make connections in a laid-back environment. While they’re so many benefits from networking, some people avoid it. I’m going to tell you why it’s awesome.

In my first year of University, I went to a Networking night. Being one of the youngest people there, I was nervous. What I realized when I got there is there’s nothing to be nervous of. Everyone, professionals and students are just happy to be there and provide insight and ask questions. I was also surprised to see how many of my fellow class-mates came up to me and spoke to me. From casual conversations to more academic, I made a lot of meaningful connections that night. I’m happy I networked in my first year because it taught me to try something different and get out of my shell – and it definitely paid off (my LinkedIn connections would agree).

Another reason why Networking is awesome is because it’s so informative. Going through High School and even in University, people are still trying to figure out what they want to do in the future. When attending Networking nights, you hear from so many people with similar or very different backgrounds, who have achieved a variety of different things. This can be eye-opening to some students, who never knew that a Communications degree could lead to working for the Ottawa Senators. By attending Networking nights, you’re exploring the workforce in a way that many people don’t, which gives you an advantage.

Finally, attending Networking events makes you memorable. The more meaningful connections you make with people, the more chance they have of remembering you. Who knows, maybe in a few years from now you’ll walk into an interview from someone you met a few years prior. Employers like people who try and put themselves out there. If an employer remembers you from a Networking night you’re chances of progressing are higher than if you didn’t attend.

So, overall – NETWORK! It’s fun, valuable and can help you in a future career. What’s not to like?


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